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Gynophagia and Cannibal Erotica

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You often have the meat girl getting off on the preparations as they are being cooked. I wonder if a woman who actually knew she was being prepared to eat, and was in no way a volunteer, would be aroused sexually. I know it's all fantasy, anyway; but it's just something I wonder.

In my cannibal stories, the women sometimes know they are going to be eaten, but they don't get off during the cooking process.

On the other hand, the preparations you described in this story, do seem that they might be somewhat sensual.


It really varies with my mood. What I get off on myself is mainly the fantasy of being non-consensually used, so my stories aren't usually consensual... but I'm writing them to get off on, and so I often acknowledge the sexual aspect.

In reality? I don't imagine a woman would be aroused except possibly in the most mechanical physical sense in response to adrenaline and/or direct physical stimulation... and just as in rape, that wouldn't mean she's enjoying or consenting to what's going on.

Hi there! I was just wandering the internet for gynophagia stories tonight, and I came across this one and was AMAZED at how closely it follows my own fantasies of being eaten! Granted, in my fantasies the person preparing me and eating me is male, and he fucks me with just as much clinical coldness as he describes how I'm nothing more than meat that doubles as a convenient fuck toy - but aside from that this story is SO much straight out of my head!

I LOVED every bit of it, and just wanted to tell you so! FANTASTIC story - VERY well written - and I can't wait to read more (although that will have to wait for tomorrow!).

Thank you for posting it! ^__^ Diana

Re: WONDERFUL story!!!

Thank you for reading it, and commenting! I'll be writing more stories soon, too. It seems like the Livejournal community has a whole universe of kink on it but not a lot of gynophagia... yet.


Love it!

Your story is amazing and totally turns me on. I love non consensual and finding good ones can be hard but yours is great. I cant wait to read more of your work. Thanks.

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